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VMware | HyperV | KVM | OpenVZ

VMware System Administrators are information technology experts responsible for setting up VCenter and various types of server and administering computer systems.

Although Microsoft's Hyper-V might not be replacing VMware's ESXi in the data center, the hypervisor can play an important role as a supplemental tool to help lower licensing costs, support testing environments and more.

In recent performance evaluations, KVM has consistently matched up with leading proprietary technologies, demonstrating the highest performance benchmarks.

OpenVz is is a linux based virtualization platform based on the Linux Kernel. ... All virtual servers have to get along with the kernel version the host runs on. However because it doesn't have the overhead of a true hypervisor it is very fast and efficient over Xen, KVM and VMware.

Each hypervisor have advantages and flaws, however we administrate them all on daily basis, so please do not hesitate to contact us.